Banner Bank: Using the right tools to deliver a great user experience

With more than $11 billion in assets and over 200 locations throughout Washington, 俄勒冈州, 加利福尼亚和爱达荷州, Banner Bank understands their role in the economic ecosystem and they take that responsibility seriously. In addition to being a source of capital to personal banking clients and businesses of all sizes, Banner places a high importance on contributing to the communities they serve. Banner strives to retain a community bank feel, 并提供个性化的, tailored solutions to all their customers.


Creating and seamless and secure site experience for both user and company.

成立于1890年, Banner Bank has experienced steady growth throughout its history due to a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. The bank effectively doubled its size overnight with the 2015 purchase of American West Bank, adding 98 branches and expanding the bank’s footprint from its roots in Washington, 俄勒冈州, and Idaho to Utah and California. The acquisition pushed Banner Bank’s assets to over $10 billion, which resulted in some adverse revenue and expense effects.

These challenges inspired a renewed drive to overhaul the bank’s website.


运营效率? 是的,请.

幸运28计划 and Banner collaborated to overhaul the BannerBank.com网站. 幸运28计划 has been able to implement changes that have improved areas such as site stability, 改善网站分析, and easier integration of acquired web content.



Business Objectives and Measurement Strategy

幸运28计划 facilitated executive-level workshops to identify and document key business objectives that the solution would help address. Additionally, formal key performance indicators (KPIs) were identified to measure success.

组织al Change Management (OCM)

幸运28计划 helped define the strategy on how to communicate and train the organization to take full advantage of the new capabilities. Often overlooked in projects of this type, this has been one of the components to ensure success for their users.

User Experience and Digital Design

UX Design leads to experiences that are memorable, 弥补, 和资产业务, 品牌, 和技术的角度. Our User Experience team worked with Banner Bank to create a meaningful customer experience through usability, 可访问性, 和愉快的互动.


数据是好的. 信息是更好的. 洞察力是最好的. 幸运28计划 helps Banner Bank make sense of the variety of data sources in their organization and provide meaningful reporting, 分析和情报.

云基础设施 & PaaS

Using a modern Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach using the scalability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, 幸运28计划 was able to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, minimizing the need for additional IT management. This allows the Banner Bank teams to focus on driving growth through digital.

ADA合规 & WCAG标准

The Americans with Disabilities Act (often referred to as ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. In addition to being the right thing to do, following WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is considered good web design. Partnering with the Siteimprove platform, 幸运28计划 delivers quarterly audits for Banner Bank, focusing on meeting the needs of users with disabilities. 


We provide 24/7 monitoring and support for all Banner Bank web properties: Disaster recovery, 高可用性, and application maintenance services.

Sitecore架构 and Development

To power their non-authenticated website, Banner Bank upgraded to Sitecore 9. Banner’s infrastructure is hosted within Azure PaaS. The Banner marketing team manages their own content using Sitecore Experience Editor and Content Editor.

“ADA compliance is definitely a big factor in the planning of our new site. We also want to provide a more personalized user experience. 幸运28计划 has been great in helping us gain a better understanding of our site analytics. They are helping us provide one clear picture where we’re comparing apples to apples, which isn’t always the case today.”


Vice President and Manager of Integrated Marketing



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