Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA)

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用于: All users at any stage in your Office 365 implementation. Whether you’re just doing some initial research or have already implemented it at your organization.
主要结论: Build 信任ed customer relationships by delivering outst和ing project experiences. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation empowers you to deliver profitable projects on time 和 within budget while increasing employee productivity.

Based on the dem和 from organizations 那 need their project-based services automated to help the Project Managers, Portfolio Managers 和 the financial professionals within their companies, Microsoft has released a new product call Project Service Automation (PSA).

This new product will bring together the best-in-breed capabilities of Dynamics 365 和 Microsoft Project in an integrated way 那 will help organizations manage sales, 定价, 规划, resource management 和 project economics in a single integrated 解决方案.

PSA was first released in 2016 as part of the Customer Engagement suite for Dynamics 365 和 has seen consistent growth over the past four years. The PSA application provides many end-to-end scenarios for service companies or departments 那 support the business flow 那 was provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft is focused on providing 解决方案s for its clients 那 help them deliver successful 和 profitable projects, 和 with the integration of Dynamics 365 和 the established tool of choice for Project Managers being Microsoft Project, they have provided clients the opportunity to realize a view of their projects from inception to completion.

作为这个解决方案的一部分, Microsoft took advantage of the cloud, leveraging Azure 和 Common Data Services (CDS) to release it first release in Q3 of 2019 with the roadmap indicating 那 it will be Microsoft’s primary project management service in the future.


Taking a deeper look at some of the changes coming in Q1 of 2020, Microsoft will be working to replace PSA’s 工作 Breakdown Structure (WBS), 甘特, 和 task 调度 capabilities with the new project service experience. This will take a proven tool in Microsoft Project 和 combine its features with those in PSA, giving users a truly unique 和 seamless experience. This experience will represent the next chapter of PSA 和 Microsoft project.

Over the past several years, 幸运28计划 has been helping clients implement Microsoft Project Server 和 more recently Project Online, but with this new PSA module for Dynamics, 幸运28计划 can help our clients drive meaningful change into their Project 和 Programs methodologies while demonstrating a quick ROI, by controlling resources, costs, 和 customer interactions all in a single 解决方案.

端到端 PSA项目服务

额外的 PSA的好处

  • 赢得客户 信任 通过确保项目 deliverables reflect the terms of the contract, approved work, 和费用.
  • 可视化 accurate cost, effort, 和 revenue, 和 achieve predictable project delivery using robust project 规划 capabilities including native Microsoft Project integration.
  • 提供项目 managers with intuitive dashboards to review, monitor, 和 approve all costs 和 time impacting their projects.
  • 从 客户的角度. 调查中, measure, 和 act on customer feedback by bringing your customer data together 根据来自 微软形式支持—included with Dynamics 365 项目服务自动化.
  • 简化 调度 with intelligent 和 relevant skills-based assignments 和 real-time visibility to resources using a unified 调度引擎.
  • 准确地 测量利用率 并使 intelligent decisions to get the most out of billable resources by using real‑time dashboards.
  • 授权 consultants 和 sub-contractors to update their skills profile 和 apply directly for relevant projects.
  • 优先考虑交易 based on a unified sales management dashboard 那 brings together product 和 project‑based opportunities.
  • 直接接触 与客户 on quotes, project scope, 和 resource requirements through a secure portal.
  • 确保无缝 销售合作 通过创建 project contracts, tracking labor rates, 和 generating statements of work directly within Dynamics 365 Sales.