In today’s Twitter, mobile texting and sound bite-driven culture, 在寻找解决问题的方法或与他人交往中遇到的摩擦, just isn’t tolerated. 通常, 如果工作量太大或者需要很长时间才能得到工人需要的东西或人员, they will just go to another source.

自20世纪70年代初以来,网上聊天已经以各种形式出现. For some time, 即时消息传递已经在业务环境中获得了巨大的成功, through applications like Skype, Quip and 松弛, complementing email communications in a 快, more personal manner. Newer technologies like mobile apps, and more recently, virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana, are enabling new opportunities in this space, 满足企业内部的信息或社会需求. Modern web ro机器人, 机器人, bring this low-friction conversational interaction, either text- or voice-enabled, often backed by AI capabilities, 我们每天使用的交流工具.

Azure Bot服务和亚马逊网络服务Alexa Skills和Lex服务正在将这些技术提供给企业和个人, in order to enable an ecosystem of small, 有针对性的, custom applications, with very low friction when enabling and using them. 因为它们通常是细粒度的、支持云计算的应用程序, providing rapid deployment and scaling, they could well be called microservices.


Employee Engagement

当今企业面临的一个挑战是提高员工的敬业度, in order to retain, 开发, and challenge employees, helping them to be more productive and fulfilled, 并鼓励他们将一些自由支配的时间和精力投入到企业的共同努力中, strengthening the employee-employer relationship.

员工敬业度是指员工对工作的热情程度, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. 员工敬业度并不等同于员工满意度. ——万维网

人力资源调查表明,真正的员工敬业度是很难实现的, 典型的组织报告大约30%的员工是“敬业的”, per the above definition. Also, employee engagement is only slowly increasing.


Make My Job Easier

No one likes to write weekly reports. 可以使用机器人来捕获员工活动的相关片段, 他们在日常工作中的成就和挑战. 这将对他们的生产力和“流”产生最小的影响. When their report is due, 代码片段可以在逻辑上组装成报告格式并交付给它们, 只需要最后的修饰和文字雕琢就可以完成.

Knowledge workers often need short, hard-to-remember facts such as URLs, 密码, key contacts or values in their work. 机器人可以用来将这些物品存储在他们的个人“闪存”中。, and recalled via smart search when they again need them.

The Aggregate Brain

大多数工人偶尔需要一些组织和个人的小事实, often found in employee or HR manuals, personal online profiles, or “lost” in key organizational documents. 可以使用机器人按需提供这些事实.


  • How much PTO do I have? The bot could also return other related facts, 比如在下一阶段我将增加多少专利商标局小时数, 当, a short history of my PTO hours taken this year, 等.
  • Who is the HR contact for my 401-k?
  • What is the URL for our SharePoint portal?
  • 谁是这方面业务的最佳联系人?
  • Where does Alfred sit?
  • 谁现在或曾经使用过这种技术或管理方法?



Strengthening Organizational Bonds

研究表明,当员工定期收到关于其优点的反馈,以及关于其缺点的建设性反馈时,员工的敬业度会显著提高. Some companies are using employee-focused tech, such as pulse tools, feedback apps, 以及匿名的社交网络工具,这些工具最终可能会取代360度的年度绩效评估. 机器人可以在整个组织中使用,以建立即时和特定的“阿塔方式”反馈的文化, catching employees in the act of excellence, storing feedback for later aggregation.

Today’s workers live in social media. 了解彼此的爱好、业余技能、对食物和音乐的喜好等. 通过机器人提供的信息可能会加强员工之间的外部关系, 进一步加强本组织内部的联系.

类似地, 机器人和虚拟助手还可以帮助企业改善与客户的互动.

“If you like your app, you can keep your app.”

These technologies can be multi-present, often surfaced through multiple channels, using applications like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, 前景, SharePoint, 以及其他微软和第三方通信工具, as well as via mobile SMS text and custom apps. 再一次, this reduces the friction in using them, 因为它们在我们通常工作的同一环境中可用.

How a Bot 工作s

机器人本质上是一个后端web应用程序,它可以访问它想要提供的信息. 用户通常通过另一个通信应用程序中的文本窗口与机器人进行交互, such as SMS texting or a custom app on a smartphone, or an application like Skype, Microsoft Teams, 松弛, or Facebook Messenger. Azure Bot Service用于在Bot web应用程序中实现对话,也提供了将特定于应用程序的对话转换为更通用的Azure Bot Service对话的通道. 机器人也可以使用Azure函数在按运行付费的成本计算模型中构建.


Enhanced Capabilities


Bots can be in/out speech enabled, similar to Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana, also using available AI services.

微软的QnA Maker可以吸收现有的FAQ文档,快速帮助机器人轻松地处理预定义的问答格式.

Bot user interfaces can be enhanced with rich media, 附件和卡片(信息的小图形表达).

Types of Bots

  • Task automation
  • 信息
  • Enterprise productivity
  • Handoff to human, triage and escalation
  • 搜索
  • Control internet of things (IoT)
  • Proactive (Bots are usually responsive; however they can also initiate conversations, such as when triggered by a user’s searches, 等.


Conversational 机器人, whether text- or speech-enabled, provide a modern, 低摩擦用户界面的关键组织信息和同事资源. 云支持和强大的软件开发工具包为组织提供了实现这些目标的能力, high-impact services. When these are used to make workers’ jobs easier, 快, more enjoyable, and more connected, 他们有潜力打造一个“最佳工作场所”,并提高员工的敬业度.